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Initial Inquiry and Personalization

Start by exploring our range of services on our website. Reach out to us through a simple online form, providing your contact details. Our clinic will promptly respond to discuss your expectations and preferences, ensuring we understand your needs to offer a personalized care experience.

Consultation and Planning

Our team will arrange a detailed consultation to discuss your treatment plan and address any questions. We'll also manage your travel logistics, including transportation and accommodation, prioritizing your comfort and peace of mind.

Arrival and Pre-Treatment Preparations

Upon your arrival, enjoy the comfort of your accommodation, arranged by our dedicated team. Before starting your treatment, you'll undergo a thorough consultation and necessary testing to finalize your personalized treatment plan.

Treatment and Support

With everything in place, your treatment will commence, guided by our skilled medical staff. Rest assured, you'll receive comprehensive support throughout your journey, ensuring a comfortable and successful experience.


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Dr Piotr Pochrzęst

Head of "Medical Smile" clinic

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Embark on a transformative voyage to a healthier and brighter smile through our exceptional dental tourism services. Immerse yourself in a world of top-notch dental care, coupled with the added joy of a revitalizing getaway. Our team of internationally trained and skilled dental professionals is passionately dedicated to delivering outstanding treatments, guaranteeing not only your satisfaction but also a radiant smile that will light up your life for years to come.